Sunday, 17 January 2010

Spring is in the air.....(almost!)

Finally the snow has gone..yay! We had lots of rain, and the snow has left, leaving behind a very soggy ground, but at least it's not white! And do you know what I spotted today in the garden...a shoot! A tiny little shoot from my daffodil bulbs. I was possibly slightly unreasonably excited, and just had to rush to get my camera!

And to go with this new Spring feeling I have given our bedroom a bit of a makeover! I have painted the walls- one dusky pale pink, the others alpple white.

Then today I spied this little plaque in a super cheap shop, it was a bit plain to begin with, so I added the butterflies and flowers and now it fits the room perfectly!

Then as I was owed some child free time by Overflowing Dad, he took over monster minding and I did some sewing -and made myself this lovely little wall decoration. Must say, sewing round curves is tricky business, and there were a few discarded first attempts, but eventually it turned out OK, and I think it looks lovely on the wall!

Now think I need to get cracking on some Easter crafts....LOL