Tuesday, 9 February 2010

This week seems a hard slog....

Today I am not feeling great. My throat is sooo sore....my tonsils feel about the size of cannon balls. I haven't slept in 2 nights, as I keep waking up feeling awful.

I am quite stressed because our 5 yr old little lady has her appointment for her developmental assessment tomorrow and Thursday(more of that in a minute!)the house seems to be a never ending tip at the moment, I am permenantly rushing and almost late for everything and to top it all off the dog has developed a phantom pregnancy. She is walking around carrying a plastic toy hamburger and crying,whilst licking it and trying to get it to feed. AAARRRGGGHHH

Our lovely little 5 year old lady is a bit of a challenge. She struggles with life. She struggles to get on with people, she struggles at school,she struggles at home. Sometimes she doesn't connect with the world at all. Sometimes it can feel as if she is a million miles away even when she sat right next to you. It took as long time to decide to ask for an assessment, then we had to wait 6 months for an appointment.But here it is. So we spend the next 2 days at the assessment centre,and see what comes of it all! It doesn't help that I will have to drag littlest man and little O with us as well of course, and I have just discovered I wont be back in time to collect the older children from school on the Thursday-so the logistics of the whole process are adding to the stress as well.....but we will muddle through, and we will cope with whatever the outcome. That's what parent do after all isn't it!

Anyway...I have managed to fit in just a tiny bit of sewing to cheer myslef up...

More little gardening bags

And I just love these little zoo animals in this cute zoo fabric bag.....I have it in my shop...but think littlest man might quite like it actually!

So for now I am just hanging in there, holding on till Half Term next week when at least the pace slows a little and I stand a chance of catching up!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

So what do you do when you are poorly??? That's one of the troubles with motherhood isn't it- no sick leave (or anual leave or any other kind of leave come tothat!)

So yesterday I was really poorly with a stomach bug. I was sooo bad that I had to ask Overflowing Dad to take a day off as I was just physically unable to look after all the littlies,do school runs etc...

I have to say he did admirably! He was admittedly looking a little bit jaded by about 5pm, but he survived!

I spent the whole day in bed, feeling very sorry for myself and ignoring any screams drfiting up from downstairs!!

Thankfully today I am feeling much better and it was back to business as usual!And to cheer myself up I made something really pretty! A lovely bag with round cane handles, in this most lovely pink roses fabric. It is in my Folksy shop, but if it doesn't sell really soon I am going to be keeping it for myself!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Addicted to sewing??

oh gosh....I think I have become addicted to making things!!! I can't believe how muchfunI have been having with my new sewing machine! I recieved somenew fabric yesterday andIwasso excited I practiacally snatched it out of the post ladies hand! Is this a normal reaction I wonder....or is it time to seek therapy?! Then, as soon as I had dropped little O at nursery, and pursuaded little C to have a nap, I rushed to my sewing machine to start creating, ignoring the hundreds of household tasks I was supposed to be doing!

I am quite pleased with the end results,I have made little bags filled with gardening goodies for children, whichI think would be lovely little gifts! Trouble is Iwasmaking them tosell, (so that I can afford more fabric, to make more stuff, to sell, to afford more fabric....etc LOL)but my daughters have all fallen in love with them and now theyall want one! So...lots more sewing for me...goody. Anyway...a couple of shots of the finished creations!

I just love this fabric.....so cute!

and my 7 year old has put in her order for one of these!
And I am already fantasising about what to make next.....

Monday, 1 February 2010

Gosh...time has flown past again and I haven'tbeen blogging....that's the trouble with a mad chaotic life with 6 children and a dog....real life can get in the wayof important things like the internet LOL

Anyway...I have been doing a lot of soul searching and reflecting recently. I had to make a decision about goingback to work in my previous career. There was a job that I was considering aplpying for, that I most likely would have got. Initially it was a really exciting opportunity. But after more discusions and a lot of thinking it seemed not the right choice for our family just now. The hours were more than I really wanted, there would have been a lot of childcare needed - with all the associated stresses and cost. And in the end, when it came down to it, Overflowing Dad and I decided that trying to hold down 2 demanding professional careers and raise 6 children (and a dog!) was just a step too far for us at the moment.

For now, I am a homemaker, a cook, a teacher, a cleaner, an accountant, a comforter, a role model, a listening ear, a taxi service, a playmate, a great big hug and a lot,lot more. I love what I am. It is what I NEED to be just now.Yes, money is tight, sometimes VERY tight, but we will manage - we always do. And really there is so much more to life than money.

That said...a little bit of extra money would always be welcome! So I have finally got myself sorted and opened a Folksy shop.....only a few items made so far,but lots more to follow!Do you know, I just love making things....now just need a few more hours a day!!A couple of my latest creations...

So for today, and I am going to focus on being happy with what I have and who I am...I will fill my home with love, and give my tasks my best and gaze with much,much love and happiness on my wonderful,overflowing family!!