Saturday, 6 February 2010

So what do you do when you are poorly??? That's one of the troubles with motherhood isn't it- no sick leave (or anual leave or any other kind of leave come tothat!)

So yesterday I was really poorly with a stomach bug. I was sooo bad that I had to ask Overflowing Dad to take a day off as I was just physically unable to look after all the littlies,do school runs etc...

I have to say he did admirably! He was admittedly looking a little bit jaded by about 5pm, but he survived!

I spent the whole day in bed, feeling very sorry for myself and ignoring any screams drfiting up from downstairs!!

Thankfully today I am feeling much better and it was back to business as usual!And to cheer myself up I made something really pretty! A lovely bag with round cane handles, in this most lovely pink roses fabric. It is in my Folksy shop, but if it doesn't sell really soon I am going to be keeping it for myself!


  1. I am so impressed at how well you are doing with the sewing. I can not manage 5 mins at it at the moment. I love the bag too. Well done

  2. ick, it's so hard when you're sick isn't it? glad you got him to look after them whilst you rested. and cute bag, by the way. I havent found time for sewing for months now...must get back into it. Maybe when they stick another 6 hours onto the day so I can get everything done!

  3. Gorgeous bag :0) Well done you should be very proud, thank you for your comments on my procrastination, I have to say one thing I am VERY good at ;0)