Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Addicted to sewing??

oh gosh....I think I have become addicted to making things!!! I can't believe how muchfunI have been having with my new sewing machine! I recieved somenew fabric yesterday andIwasso excited I practiacally snatched it out of the post ladies hand! Is this a normal reaction I wonder....or is it time to seek therapy?! Then, as soon as I had dropped little O at nursery, and pursuaded little C to have a nap, I rushed to my sewing machine to start creating, ignoring the hundreds of household tasks I was supposed to be doing!

I am quite pleased with the end results,I have made little bags filled with gardening goodies for children, whichI think would be lovely little gifts! Trouble is Iwasmaking them tosell, (so that I can afford more fabric, to make more stuff, to sell, to afford more fabric....etc LOL)but my daughters have all fallen in love with them and now theyall want one! So...lots more sewing for me...goody. Anyway...a couple of shots of the finished creations!

I just love this cute!

and my 7 year old has put in her order for one of these!
And I am already fantasising about what to make next.....


  1. They are lovely! Gorgeous fabric. I'm addicted to sewing too although I'm having a rest as did loads before Christmas. Just bought loads of fabric so need to get started again and sell things before the bank manager finds out!

  2. They're lovely. I really like sewing too and have so many projects I want to do. I like doing curtains, blinds and cushions so I can update a room's look without major decorating. Lots of ideas and no time at the moment, and I have fewer children than you!

  3. This really made me smile, especially your reaction to getting fabric in the post:)