Tuesday, 9 February 2010

This week seems a hard slog....

Today I am not feeling great. My throat is sooo sore....my tonsils feel about the size of cannon balls. I haven't slept in 2 nights, as I keep waking up feeling awful.

I am quite stressed because our 5 yr old little lady has her appointment for her developmental assessment tomorrow and Thursday(more of that in a minute!)the house seems to be a never ending tip at the moment, I am permenantly rushing and almost late for everything and to top it all off the dog has developed a phantom pregnancy. She is walking around carrying a plastic toy hamburger and crying,whilst licking it and trying to get it to feed. AAARRRGGGHHH

Our lovely little 5 year old lady is a bit of a challenge. She struggles with life. She struggles to get on with people, she struggles at school,she struggles at home. Sometimes she doesn't connect with the world at all. Sometimes it can feel as if she is a million miles away even when she sat right next to you. It took as long time to decide to ask for an assessment, then we had to wait 6 months for an appointment.But here it is. So we spend the next 2 days at the assessment centre,and see what comes of it all! It doesn't help that I will have to drag littlest man and little O with us as well of course, and I have just discovered I wont be back in time to collect the older children from school on the Thursday-so the logistics of the whole process are adding to the stress as well.....but we will muddle through, and we will cope with whatever the outcome. That's what parent do after all isn't it!

Anyway...I have managed to fit in just a tiny bit of sewing to cheer myslef up...

More little gardening bags

And I just love these little zoo animals in this cute zoo fabric bag.....I have it in my shop...but think littlest man might quite like it actually!

So for now I am just hanging in there, holding on till Half Term next week when at least the pace slows a little and I stand a chance of catching up!


  1. I'm having one of those weeks too! Good luck at the appointment. Hope all goes well and you get some answers. Lovely things you have made. x

  2. Sorry that the week is bad, get tomorrow out of the way and then you may feel better. It can be really tough not having family near by. Chin up and carry on sewing!!