Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Woods, water and fun!

Today we have had fun!! Yay! I am begining to feel a bit more on top if things, and having OverFlowing Dad at home for the Easter holidays is such a wonderful help!

So we made the most of the last bit of sunshine (it's raining now LOL)and went out for the afternoon. We didn't go far...we didn't even leave the village, but it was great to make the most of some of the wonderful places we have right on our doorstep! We started off walking up to the playground , then walked along the footpath through the fields down through the woods and to the Dyke. Nothing special, just fresh air, water ,mud and fun!!!


  1. Glad things are improving, I love the image of the girls holding hands

  2. Thanks Mad.....
    Have been reading your blog too, lovely cushions, great your feeling a bit better too :')